For Touchable Reality


Convenient, comfortable, immersive all-in-one VR headset.

Easy to Put on within 3 Seconds

Inspired by Fibonacci gold spiral, battery designed on the back, can be put on within 3 seconds, multipoint support structure, adjustable and flexible.

295g Supreme Experience Comes from Excellent Craft

Main body weighs 295g, light and easy, excellent design, powerful performance and delicate look.

Extra-thin Headset Shell

Beautifully Caved Magnalium Frame

Seamless Model Shell

120º Super wide FOV, Completely immersive

Prepare to be amazed in the visual fantasy powered by our world-leading, dynamic, optical algorithm of distortion correction. Amazing visual effect, super wide FOV to bring immersion.

2 Hours Only Wonderful No burden

World's first battery-on-the-back design, weight balanced, easy to put on, 2 hours without feeling uncomfortable.

High Definition Horizon,Brilliant, Not dizziness

Up to 90Hz high refresh rate, Asynchronous Timewarp, Low Latency at 17ms, All help to reduce user's dizziness in effective ways, the picture is clear and more natural.

Global VR Massive Content

Open source to share the technology with the industry, Wide-range of corporations with prestigious manufactures, More than 36,000 self-made items in IDEALENS App Store covering applications, games and videos.

All in One Design

Only the perfect design may present you the world's perfection.