Immersive Comfortable


Immersive, comfortable VR All-in-one

Fast, 2h continuous free wear

Advanced Ergonomic Design, first back side battery solution for the center of gravity allocation, release the pressure of spine, neck more comfortable, more easily wear; Put on within 3 seconds, 2h continuous free wear.

Double eyes protection, comfortable immersion

With Samsung AMOLED (soft light, eyes-protected display) + Light Scan (anti-blue light film) dual-protection, it can effectively reduce the damage from blue light, maximum protect your eyes. Its excellent nature images will bring you comfortable relax immersion.

Compatible with glasses wearing, suitable for everyone to watch

With advanced optics design, K2+ has huge pupil distance, support glasses wearing, especially for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism users. You do not need to take off the glass to watch the whole vision, visual world is touchable.

Flexible structure, perfect cling, farewell to the pressure

Dual-bracket hollow structure design, flexible and soft, multi-points support, dynamic regulation, perfect cling to different face/head type. The cushion in front of head is special design for soft and comfortable, farewell to “Pressure”.

Know more about K2 specs

Only the perfect design may present you the world's perfection.