Dreams come true



Interact with the virtual world with an easy to use touchpad. Swipe and tap your way into Movies, Games, and more.


You can wear IDEALENS without taking off your glasses nor manually adusting object distance. This brings much convenience all because of our original and creative wearable design. Experiencing VR has never been so easy - start watching instantly, without any adjustments.

Ultra high performance

Powerful performance but low consumption; IDEALENS K2 using Exynos 7420 processor, faster and vivd; Presenting you the perfect virtual world.

More flexible interactive experience

Delicate hand controller, the combinition of ergonomics and manufacturing; Excellent agorithm,ensuring great experience; The world of VR is in your hand.


Latest 3D VR interactive system is sensible and touchable; Built-in app store payment tool, making good content distribution available.

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Breathable material gives youthe softest touch to your skin.

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Only the perfect design may present you the world's perfection.