Virtual Reality

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We know VR

IDEALENS is an all-in-one VR headset. With IDEALENS, enjoy the
freedom to explore virtual reality worlds without the need to be
tethered to external devices.

Sleek and Elegant Design

IDEALENS is constructed with the future in mind. A comfortable halo headband makes
IDEALENS quick and simple to put on.

Highest standards in production

IDEALENS is produced by the top team at Foxconn. The build process has 118 steps including
double-component injection,IML, laser carving and color injection molding. Higher production
standards are required in every step.

FOV 120°,2.5K LCD,99% TrueColor

IDEALENS brings a wider viewing angle with it's double optical lens and 120° field of view,
including a higher image performance than competitors' mobile HMDs.



99 %

Real Color


Refresh Rate

Ideal OS - a new experience in control

Ideal OS is IDEALENS' proprietary operating system. Ideal OS is based around the
Android operating system. A stylish GUI and easy to use UI brings you the
ultimate experience in virtual reality.

IDEALENS Community

3D movies, 360°videos and VR games have been continuously increasing in the IDEALENS community. More importantly, IDEALENS would like to invite new friends from around the world to join the virtual reality ecosystem.

360 Limitless World

With IDEALENS, you can be immersed in a limitless 360 world. A huge
field of view and fast image processing power allows total immersion
without sacrificing battery life.

All in One Design

Ergonomic headset design,advanced optical lenses,Tilt headband design and touchpad for the ultimate experience