All in One Design
Advanced Tracking Algorithm

2.5K Resolution LCD Screen
A Higher Image Performance

Higher Production Standard
Higher Quality

Unique Design with Top Manufacturing Processes

IDEALENS breaks traditional design thought processes. A curved design and unique production methods ensure
a headset that is both great to look at and works better than competitors products.


Interact with the virtual world with an easy to
use touchpad. Swipe and tap your way into
Movies, Games, and more.

Double Optical Lens

IDEALENS uses a unique double optical lens design that brings 99% true color to the screen. With a 120 degree Field of View, you will see more of the environments that you play in.

Headset Design

IDEALENS is based on ergonomic design principles. IDEALENS allows enough room to wear a pair of glasses while using the headset, and remains light and comfortable to wear while moving around in your virtual world.

Tilt Headband Design

A tilting headband allows the HMD to rotate at a 90 degree angle

More about the Tech Specs

120°FOV,Full Size Theater Mode Movie,60Hz, 4300mAh battery
allows for 6 hours of video playtime