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    The world's leading VR enterprise and supplier of VR devices, system platforms and contents

  • Product

    IDEALENS K1 (the world's first mass-produced all-in-one VR headset, July 2015); IDEALENS K2 (dubuted at IDEALENS Japan Launch, June 2016)

  • Team

    Over 16 years of experience in technology research and product development,200+ Number of engineers

  • Technology

    Hardware design, software development, interaction design, optical configuation, 3D modeling, etc

  • Field

    Super optical system, position tracking, systemic interaction, etc

  • Fruits

    100+ articles academic papers, 10+ technology innovation, 60+ patents, etc

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We believe Think Big, Do Great. We try to change the lifestyle of future.
If you are the one with belief in future technology,If you are the one with struggle spirit,Then join us, we want you.